Monday, February 20, 2017

About Me

Welcome to Happy Healthy Soul! Whether you are here for a reason or sheer happenstance, I hope everyone can take away something life changing from this blog. I am a 22 year old girl determined to better myself mind, body, and soul each and everyday. Through my weight loss and fitness journey, I have lost 40 pounds and have never felt more amazing. I am stronger mentally and physically, and more determined than ever before. My goal for my blog is to reach as many people as possible and help them understand that they can do it too! Even if you are happy with where you stand physically, I will be sharing everything from clean eating recipes, to workouts, to motivation, and much more that I believe everyone from all walks of life can benefit from! Everything I have done to lose weight has been through moderation. I still went out to eat, had drinks with friends, and didn't always workout. Through learning moderation, I have been able to make amazing changes. I want to share all of my tips with you in hopes to give you the motivation to make this life changing decision just like I did. I have been on this journey for three years now but if I knew then what I know now, it wouldn't have taken me this long. I'm excited to hopefully be a small influence in helping you make a big decision!
Now that you know what you will getting from my blog, (lets hope I didn't scare you away) I would love to share a little of the behind story of my fitness journey. All of my life I was heavily involved in sports. Through my youth I was involved in gymnastics, competitive cheerleading, and soccer. After that I began my intense journey through the sport of volleyball. To say volleyball was my life through high school is an understatement. Growing up playing volleyball for a 5A Texas team was intense. We played year round literally fall, spring, and summer. These were some of the best years of my life and I am so thankful for the experience. Because I was always in sports, I maintained a healthy diet. I stayed fit because I worked out and ate healthy. Lets just say that I didn't know what was coming the day I stopped playing volleyball. 
Life after that was just different.. I had so much free time and with that came decisions that were not the best health wise. I began to gain weight senior year after volleyball. 10 pounds to be exact. When I got to college, I didn't stop there. Being a freshman in college was a whole new world to me and healthy decisions were not a priority. I got so involved at my school and stayed busy, so taking care of my health was the last thing on my mind. I knew I was beginning to gain weight but wasn't realizing just how much. From the beginning of my freshman year to the end of my first semester of sophomore year, (about a year and a half) I put on 20 pounds. I was up a total of 30 pounds without realizing it until a girl friend and I began a work out class where I stepped on the scale. I could not believe my eyes, I was so embarrassed. I had never weighed that much before and I had never felt more defeated. I told myself "this is it, you have got to do something Ashton". So, in January 2014, I began my long journey. At first, I wasn't seeing results and that was so discouraging. But I told myself I have to do this and I have to turn my life back around, so I stuck with it. By April of that year, people were starting to notice and I began getting compliments everywhere I went. At the end of the year I had lost about 15 pounds, but even more inches around my body. In 2015, I wasn't stopping. It felt so good to be getting back on track that I became passionate about it. By spring break, I was 5 more pounds down at a total loss of 20 pounds. I felt so great in that bikini on the beach over spring break! I lost about 10 more pounds over that year. At this point at the end of 2015, I was back to my normal high school size. In 2016, I decided to go the extra mile and commit myself to a healthy lifestyle. I lost 10 more pounds over the course of that year. I have never felt better in my life. 40 pounds down will give you new highs you didn't think were possible. Now I am on a whole new level of determination. Although I am so happy with myself, taking care of my body has become the anthem of my life. I have a whole new outlook on life and so will you!
Thank you for reading along and I hope you will stick with me. There will be ups and downs but the journey is so worth it!

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