Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fat Burning Foods

When I say “fat burning foods” I mean exactly that! The foods listed below have low caloriesburn fat, & boost your metabolism! What more could you want, amirite? I incorporate at least a couple of these in my every day diet and sometimes more! You can eat them however you’d like as long as you are getting them in some way, you are on the right track. Here are my favs: 
Avocados // these look high in calorie & fat, but its actually good calories & fat! I will either eat this by itself for a snack, throw on a piece of toast for breakfast, put in a salad, or add as a side to a meal. *I only eat half of it.
x Apples // Apples are a low caloriemetabolism boosting & fat burning machine! They are great for a snack, on a salad, mixed with tuna salad, dipped in peanut butter, or just as a side to any meal.
Greek Yogurt // all time FAV. these are low in calorie, high in protein, & delicious! I eat these for snack literally every day. A few of my personal favorite brands are Chobani, Dannon Lite & Fit, & the H-E-B brand. 
Almonds // This little snack will get me through any hangry stage! The best part about them is the serving size... 28! Almonds are high in protein, help with weight management, and are a metabolism booster! Blue Diamond is my fav brand. I love love love their siracha, honey roasted, habanero BBQ, & lightly salted almonds. 
Oatmeal // This is one of the best things for a flat belly! It is a great weight loss food because it makes you feel full & is packed with nutrients. I eat this for snack or breakfast several times a week. Some oatmeals can be really high in sugar so look at the nutrition label to see what you’re getting. I love the Quaker Oats low-sugar, maple flavor. Stay tuned for a later post in how to make over night oats.
Berries // Lets start with blueberries. They are low calorie & super high in antioxidants! They literally burn the fat away and are so tasty. I get about 2 or 3 pints at the store a week to eat for snack or as a side to any meal. Raspberries are another go to berry. They have low calories & high fiber. Eating these are a must!
Spinach // This is one of the most nutritional greens on this Earth. It is packed with antioxidants & powerful nutrients that will help you to get healthy. I try to eat spinach several times a week either in my omelettes, in a salad, in a smoothie, or in a wrap. Most salads that restaurants offer are an ice burg lettuce base. It has NO nutritional value at all and the ranch that we all love to put on top is even worse! A lot of places are starting to become more health conscious, so look for the spinach or kale salad! They will do the most good for you.
Egg Whites // I love egg whites for many reasons. They are low calorie, contain high proteinboost your metabolism, & help burn fat! One egg white is around 17 calories compared to an egg with the yolk at around 70 calories. I eat them several different ways including scrambled, omelette style, or with avocado toast! I’ll touch on how I make them in a later post.
Pomegranate Seeds // these little guys are the best! They are nutritious and help you feel fuller! I eat these as a snack or throw onto a salad. You can eat 1/2 cup for only 70 calories!  
x These are just a few of my personal favs but there is so much more out there! Pinterest is a game changer for any food ideas, so do a little research and find your favorites!

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