Friday, February 24, 2017

My Main Tips to Getting FIT

WILL POWER // this is something we all struggle with. It is a mind game that you have to win. You CAN & WILL do this! Your biggest enemy is yourself in this fight. Overcoming this obstacle can be one of the most rewarding challenges! 
DRINK WATER // a healthy amount of water for everyone is HALF your body weight in OZ. Your body needs water to become a healthier you, period. It flushes out all of the toxins & everything bad. So if you’re not a “water person” become one! Try squeezing a lemon or adding fruit into it, so it’s not so “plain” tasting. Water is one of the main keys for weight loss & your organs need it to stay healthy.
DRINK GREEN TEA & COFFEE // Additional to water, a cup of green & coffee (plain) every day, can be so beneficial to your health. Green tea is so rich in antioxidants & powerful nutrients that your body needs. It boosts your metabolism, has zero cals, & burns fat. Coffee, also boosts your metabolism, has near zero cals, & burns fat. Learn to drink it plain. When you add creamer & sugar to your cup of joe, it is not doing near what it could be for your body. You are essentially adding fat, sugar, & overall more cals. These things don’t aid in weight loss, unfortunately. Now don’t get me wrong, I occasionally love a splash of the all to well known coffee mate creamers. Ya know, the ones that include girl scout cookies & my personal fav, Pumpkin Spice. However, these are not good for you at all. Try it plain, or add a little stevia & skim milk if you absolutely have to. Bottom line, plain is the best medicine.
x  BREAKFAST// If you aren’t a “breakfast person” become one. We’ve all heard it, it is the most important meal of the day and I can’t stress that enough! Breakfast is what starts your metabolism first thing in the morning. In order to lose weight, you have to get your metabolism up to speed.
FAT BURNING FOODS // When they say “fat burning foods” they aren’t lying. I incorporate some of these fat burning foods in my every day routine and I have watched the fat literally burn away. These types of foods include apples, berries, avocados, oatmeal, greek yogurt and almonds, just to name a few of my favs.  I’ll touch more on these in a later post! 
1200 CALS // I strive to maintain a 1200 calorie a day diet and no more than 1500. Counting calories has 100% been the key to losing weight for me personally. I have an app called MyPlate, and it lets you put in everything you had in a day including breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snacks. It even has an option to track your water intake and exerciseThe exercise part will actually subtract the calories burned from your total calories consumed and give you your net calories for the day so you know where you stand. Create your own calorie goal for each day based off how active or inactive you are! It has been said that a woman who is trying to lose weight should consume no more than 1500 cals per day while working out on top of that.
MODERATION // Moderation is literally key to staying healthy & losing weight! Don’t get me wrong, I still go out to eat and have during my entire weight loss journey. The key is to either order a healthy meal or if you don’t, eat it in moderation & use portion control. Try not to eat the rolls or just have one if you mustTry to eat a few chips instead of a whole basket or two. This goes back to will power. Try to leave at least half your entree on your plate and take the rest home. This is moderation. If you go to Whataburger, try ordering a kids meal. I know… it’s a tough concept but stick with me! For example, my fav thing to order from there is the #13 whatachick’n strips. It comes with texas toast, 3 chicken strips, fries, and your choice of dipping sauce. It’s also 1300 cals if you eat the whole meal, not including the sweet tea or coke you order to wash it down with. OMG right??? So, I order the whatachick’n strips kids meal insteadThe difference is insane. The kids meal comes with two chicken strips, fries, and dipping sauce. It is 590 cals compared to 1300. That is less than HALF the cals. I usually top it off with an unsweet tea. You are still getting your whataburger fill, but with way less fried food and cals. Now don’t get me wrong… Sometimes I get the regular meal because we all have those days. But it is very rare for me to do that now, knowing how many cals are going into my body. So my advice, try the kids meal! Tip: Don’t be afraid to look up the restaurants nutrition menu! Most all chains have them.
6 SMALL MEALS // Eating 5 or 6 small meals a day can boost your metabolism by a long shot. I usually eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. My metabolism used to be slow but now it’s like clock work. I’m usually hungry every 3 hours. I’ve said it before but your metabolism speed is what helps you lose weight. If your metabolism is slow, you will probably find that you have a hard time losing weight and may even begin to gain it. Doing things to help boost your metabolism is key.   
WORKOUTS // Working out is something that everyone struggles with. You say you don’t have timeyou don’t know how to, or you just don’t want to. My advice to you is start small and don’t have unrealistic expectations. When people struggle with their weight they tend to have unrealistic expectations about how it is going to happen. Just because you ate healthy one day and worked out, does not mean you will lose any weight by the next day. I know it can be discouraging. I’ve been there. The key is going 2-3 times a week and working up to more. When it comes to what kind of workouts you do during those times, make them count. For instance, cardio is a calorie burner. Lifting weights is good for toning, but it will not help you drop the weight that you want to. I get on the treadmill at an incline of 15 and walk at 3.5 mph for an hour. This burns over 600 cals. Trust me, it is not as hard as it seems, but I also didn’t start there. I started at only 3 mph and went for 30 minutes while at 15 incline. It burns so many calories and the best part is you don’t even have to run! My other fav machine is the elliptical. I started at 10 incline with 6 resistance for 30 minutes and would usually burn around 300 cals. Now, I do the programmed fat burner workout which lasts 60 minutes and burns over 600 cals. Workouts like incline walking and the elliptical helped me lose 40 pounds. I know staying on a machine for that long can be boring. But I’ve learned that a great playlist or a netflix show I’m binging on can get me through it! Cardio along with Pinterest inspired toning workouts have got me to where I am today. Stay tuned for a later post that will go in depth on my weekly workouts. 
SMALL CHANGES // Small changes add up to big changes. Take pics of yourself & every couple of weeks compare them. You will notice small changes and it will only give you more motivation! There is an app called Photo Vault that locks with a password if you don’t want anyone seeing them. Don’t get discouraged because you aren’t seeing the results right away. For me personally, I bought a scale. Seeing the pounds drop every week was what kept me going. It also kept me on track. Sometimes I would see that I went up on the scale after a week of not doing so good. That would fuel my fire to fix it and do better! Remember though, weight doesn’t always show your body becoming healthier. Get a measuring tape to see how many inches you are losing everywhere. Don’t give up!
Thanks for reading along and stay tuned for more helpful tips!
Please feel free to make suggestions or ask questions!

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