Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Weekend Blues

I don't know about you, but I have the weekend bluessss *ok sang that to t-swifts song 22 just then* But seriously, the last few weekends have been great! They have been full of soaking up the sun by the lake, friends, puppies, shopping, home, family, drinks, & food. I live for the weekends if we are being honest 🙈 My Monday-Thursday is spent working, doing school work, working out, doing chores, grocery shopping, cooking meals, and everything in between! I usually take the weekends to just enjoy myself, hang out with friends, travel, and find good food. The food part however isn't always the healthiest... Last weekend included but was not limited to green beer (because St. Pattys day), pizza, queso and tacos (not the healthy kind, the kind from taco casa piled with tons of cheese). Through my weight loss journey, I have eaten several "unhealthy meals" and still went out with friends. What I learned was that if I took things in moderation, it wouldn't kill my diet. If you don't give yourself a few cheat meals throughout the week, your mind will never be fully committed to this journey. With that being said, when I ate pizza I had 2 slices and when I ate the tacos I had 2 tacos. I didn't go overboard and eat 3-4 slices of pizza (although I prob could) or eat 3 tacos. The idea is to give yourself these cheat meals but not to over indulge. When you binge eat all weekend, that is not a cheat meal and you are likely to gain back some weight. Try not to eat your days worth of calories in one meal. Although we have all been there, the idea is to grasp the concept that you can still get healthy by giving yourself a few days of eating things that are not so healthy. This allows you to keep your mind focused on bettering yourself and your fitness. After a weekend like these last few, I am so motivated on Monday. I crave eating healthy and a good workout. The idea is to get to this place where you don't want unhealthy food every single day and that after a fun weekend you want to "fix" your habits back to what they were during the week. You can 100% fix what you did over the weekend you just have to eat things that will do this for you. I used to have this mentality where I would say "Oh well I just ruined my diet for the whole week so I'll start next week". This was not good because I would continue to eat unhealthy for the rest of the week and then try to start again the next Monday. It wasn't until I realized that you can literally fix the damage you did the day before by simply eating healthy. Waiting is only going to prolong your weight loss and fitness journey. Getting it in your mind that you will start the day after an unhealthy weekend is how you will progress and get results! 

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